Bread Salad Simple Low Carb

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Bread salad simple low carb
Bread salad simple low carb

Summertime is where many turn to salads for meals as they can be crafted and created in any manner as just about any ingredient can be added to make salads as light or filling as one desires. In fact, there is one salad option that satisfies even the hungriest bunch; yet still has that lightness that salad brings to any meal. A bread salad simple low carb is one where the salad and breads and served together to create a culinary delight that is a delicious pairing of the right textures, tastes and ingredients.

The Basic Salad Simple

The basic salad is the primary element of a bread salad simple low carb and thus one can opt for any mix of greens and vegetables they prefer. One great option are nutrient rich and tasty greens such as baby greens, spinach, radicchio and endive. This creates a rich and hearty lettuce base that will work well as the dish is further created. The right mix of greens is key to the perfect salad and not everyone likes all types of lettuce; so it is wise to choose the ones that are mild in flavor and then incorporate a few different elements just for a slight uniqueness.

Adding Extra Vegetables For Flavor

Summer salads tend to incorporate some of the ripest and most flavorful vegetables in to the mix as summer is when the majority of produce is in season. A bread salad warrants heartier vegetables or ones that are cut in to larger chunks as the end result is a chunky salad that is satisfying and simply looks inviting. Good options for a bread salad simple low carb in summer include the addition of cucumbers, red onions, summer squash, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, fresh corn, cauliflower and radishes. These flavors all work wonders in a bread salad as they all go well with the lettuce and the bread.

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The Main Star – The Bread

There are actually two variations of a summertime bread salad. One is where the bread is cubed in to bite sized chunks and mixed in to the salad and the alternate option is to use individual sized bread bowls to serve salad. Both options work well and the choice is based on your preference, the number of people you are serving and simply what you prefer based on ease and availability. Not everyone will be able to find small round loaves of sourdough, rye or even Italian bread to make bread bowls and thus opting to chunk up a loaf of fresh bread sometimes is the easier option. regardless of which method you choose, the bread should be of good quality, fresh and have that just right crispier crust and softer center that truly wonderful bread should always have at all times. To make a bread bowl one must cut straight across the top of the bread and save that top and then hollow out the center of the bread using a spoon. One must use caution so as not to poke holes in to the sides of the bread.

Assembly Is Key

The best way to assemble a bread salad, regardless of which method you choose, is right before serving. This is because you want the bread to stay crisp and soft for as long as possible. You want to mix all ingredients in a large serving bowl if using cubed up bread and then toss lightly with a good balsamic vinaigrette. The salad is then served on plates and even a side slice of bread can be placed on the plate to be used for soaking up the extra dressing. The same method is used for serving salad in a bread bowl except all ingredients are tossed with the dressing and then placed in to the bread bowls and served individually. Topping such summer salads with olives, freshly shredded cheese, pepperocinis and even fresh herbs can add even more flavor and make for a prettier salad that is sure to be a hit with everyone.

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Bread salad simple low carb is truly a wonderful option for lunch or dinner as it is filling due to the bread and the mix of vegetables makes the salad filling enough that one needs to not serve much else except perhaps light appetizers or a side bowl of soup with the bread salad simple low carb.

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